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How to Stay Ahead of Hiring and Talent Retention

Employee training, retention, and establishing a great culture are always at the top of the list when we talk to our dealers and c-store owners. How do you find and hire great employees and keep them motivated? Your people are your brand, your storefront, and your allies when it comes to making sure your business is not only successful but also can differentiate from the competition. We sat down with our Vice President of Human Resource Operations, Lori Karls, to get her insight on tangible examples that can make a huge difference within any organization. Lori had three key pieces of advice to navigating this ever-changing landscape to help you stay ahead.

Your Best People Know Other Great People

Good people know good people. Bringing in the right people is important when it comes to building a competitive advantage. Asking your best team members for referrals and offering an incentive when someone is hired on, is one of the best ways to find top talent while also thanking your employees. It helps elevate the quality of your talent pool and offers recognition to your team. Praise is always good for morale and your team members will appreciate feeling valued and recognized for their hard work.

This advice would be the top of our list. As you develop a high potential team – those are the people you want to tap into, and we consider it a small price to pay that can quickly grow a strong team.  

Focus on Culture

What is your company culture? No matter how large or small your company is, creating your own culture around your company values is important. Our culture is an integral part of our brand and it’s woven into everything we do. You should be proud to promote your culture and share it with others. To build a successful culture, it’s important to consider the below ideas.

When we talk with potential candidates, 70% want to know what it’s like to work for our company – they want a glimpse into our culture, work environment, and what makes our company stand out. Are you sharing stories of your team members successes, welcoming new employees, and celebrating company achievements or goals?

Social media is often underplayed when it comes to hiring. LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, and other social channels give you a platform to tell these stories and share your brand. But you don’t need to overthink it Start simple with one channel and find a clear vision, goal and keep consistent content.

Show your business in action while adding elements of fun, creativity, and positivity. Candidates want to engage with lively brands full of people with a personality and a great story. Don’t be afraid to get creative, add humor (where appropriate), and show more than surface level culture.

Using social media to bring your story to light and paint a picture of your culture should be fun. Getting your team members involved will add character while building relationships across your business. Tag people that are positive ambassadors in your organization – doing this will extend how many people see your page. For example, you will see that we invite other people to share our social media posts, or we will tag them in our posts to extend reach and engagement (because they are then sharing our information with their audience, win!).

Onboarding and Recognition Matter

You only get one chance at a first impression, so make it count. How do you onboard new hires? Do you have trainings and first day experiences? Ensuring new employees start off on the right foot it essential, yet often overlooked. Providing a memorable day one experience ensures your new hires feel welcome and prepared. Show them that you are excited for them to be part of the team. You want to live up to that social media view of what your company stands for when providing a great day one experience.

Taking time to spend with your team when they need it is critically important. Do you check-in and communicate with your employees? Personalizing how you work with each employee is an important part of building trust and rapport. Meet people where they are and remember the little details. Talk to and understand where your team is at – what is the work life balance they are looking for, what new experiences do they want to explore, and what does career growth look like for them?


Whether you operate multiple c-stores or work in a corporate environment, we hope you found these tips helpful in your training and hiring journey. Start applying them today, and little by little your team will continue to grow while helping each of your team members to feel valued. Remember, hiring and retaining top talent doesn’t have to be complex. Consider the people you already trust for referrals, take advantage of (free) social media to highlight your culture, and always take care of your employees.

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