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The Pipeline: Electric Vehicles & Why Early Adoption is Key

There’s a lot of “energy” around the electrification of vehicles and the move from gasoline to battery operated vehicles. In fact, like us, you may be hearing and seeing news headlines all about how gasoline vehicles are going away and will be replaced by electric vehicles (EV).

The truth is, when you dig into the research and look at forecasted new EV sales, we see that we’re in a period of transition. And this transition will not take place overnight. Most calculations estimate we’ll be well into the mid-2030s before the transition really starts to make an impact.

In episode three, we will take a look at the future of c-stores as electrification continues to becomes more mainstream…from the shifts being made in our industry, to debunking some of the stats, and ultimately how to make this transition easier on you and your bottom line. Watch now:

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