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Oil Supply & Trading

Our experienced, asset-backed oil supply and trading teams understand crude and commodity markets.  By leveraging our logistics and storage capabilities, we can solve complex problems others cannot.

We supply and trade nearly 2 billion gallons of fuel a year.

Our outstanding supply and trading teams are backed by world class operations, logistics, and marketing teams across North America.

Scalable Trucking Relationships

U.S. Oil has time-tested relationships with preferred fleet providers in your area that allows us to meet your unique needs while maintaining our promise of quality and reliability.

Pipeline Logistics

U.S. Oil ships millions of barrels of refined products a year spanning more than 20,000 miles through the West Shore, Badger, Wolverine, Buckeye, Colonial, Explorer, Magellan, Plantation and Longhorn pipelines.

Great Lakes Barge Transportation

U.S. Oil’s owned barges operate throughout North America, transporting more than 5 million gallons of oil via our two Great Lakes barges.

International Rail Connectivity

U.S. Oil utilizes rail as a transportation mode, with over 19 million gallons moved by train annually. With capacity on the CN, UP, CP, and WSOR lines, U.S. Oil has international rail connectivity and rail-capable siding at our terminals in Madison, Green Bay, and Milwaukee.

Oil Products We Trade and Distribute

GasolineDistillatesAgriculture / Renewables
#2 Ultra Low Sulfur Diesel (ULSD)
Bunker fuel
Jet fuel
Natural Gas Liquids (NGL)ComponentsCrude
Natural Gasoline

Logistical Experts

When there’s an imbalance between supply and demand in North America, our traders utilize terminal assets and multimodal logistics capabilities to meet demands with sufficient supply.

  • Millions of barrels transported annually across North America

  • 8+ million barrels of storage

  • Nearly 19 million gallons transported by rail across North America

  • 5+ million barrels transported via our two Great Lakes barges

Fixed Forward Contracts

Control your risk by managing volatility.

At U.S. Oil, we understand how volatile fuel supply prices create uncertainty in your business. Through years of experience in trading and risk management, we have developed a deep understanding of market structure, value drivers, and risk management tools needed to put the control of fuel pricing back in your hands.

Whether you’re looking to establish budget certainty, lock in profit margins, or capture future value along the curve, we can help. Our fixed forward contracts offer:

  • Term and volume flexibility

  • Price upside protection

  • Trigger execution

  • Supply confidence